Make some fun hairy heads!
Caution:- Adult supervision is needed when younger children are using pots and soil

 1)Clay pots, (terracotta)
 2)Plastic cups or glasses that can fit inside the clay pots.
 3)Potting Soil
4) Grass seeds 
5)Acryclic Paints/Permanent markers, pencil.
1) Choose your clay pots.
2)Visualize the faces you would want to draw on them.
(It would be a good idea to draw some on a paper and practice before you draw on your pot.)
3)With the help of a pencil draw the faces you want on the clay pots.
4)Color the faces with Acrylic paints or permanent markers.
(Younger children should take help from adults while using paints or markers)
5)Now carefully fill the plastic cups or glasses with potting soil. Keep the soil 1 below the rim. Put grass seeds liberally and press them in the soil. Water and place the container in a sunny place.
6) Water the seeds regularly. Soon the seeds will sprout and grass will grow.
7) Now place the plastic cups in the clay pots and you will have your wonderful hairy heads.
8) Remember to water regularly.
9) The grass will need trimming every now and then. Have fun giving hair cuts to your hairy heads.



clay pots arrow cup and soil         


cup with grassarrow pot with grass
Here is another one.
 You can keep these pots for a long time.







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