PAINTED ROCKS
These wonderful painted rocks are fun to make. They can be used as paper weights or as decorations. Children can create these and give them as gifts to their loved ones. These gifts will be surely treasured

You need:
1)Rocks of various shapes and sizes. Beginners should
   use small, flat or rounded rocks to start with.
2)Acrylic or tempura paints
3) Paint brushes of various thicknesses
4) Permanent markers
5) White or colored pencil
Here is what you do:
1) Wash your rocks with warm water and soap. Then let them dry.
2) Use your imagination and decide what type of design you want to paint on the rock.  
3) Choose the colors you want to use. Paint the base or background color first. Let it dry. Then use the white or colored pencil to draw your design on the rocks. You may want to draw your designs on a paper, before drawing them on the rocks    
4)Then color the designs as desired. For very thin or fine lines, permanent markers can be used
5)Let the paints dry. The rocks look beautiful. A few examples are shown here.