FINGERPRINT PATTERNS
Our fingers are special. Humans have been able to achieve a lot of things because of their hands and fingers. Have you ever looked at your fingers and toes under a magnifying lens? The fingertips have very fine ridges on them. The ridges can be seen forming specific patterns. Every single person has his/her unique fingerprint.
Take a stamp pad. Press each of your finger firmly on it. Then press that finger on a paper. You will see a fingerprint. Observe it under a lens. You will see a definite pattern of the ridges. If you do not have a stamp pad, rub the lead of a pencil on a small piece of paper. Then rub your fingertip across the pencil marking and observe it under a lens. There are three basic fingerprint patterns .
1)A whorl   

2) A loop

3) An arch.

You can have fun trying to find out what kind of patterns you and your family members have on all the fingers.
But have you ever wondered why we have these fine ridges on the finger tips and the toes?

Try this simple experiment and find out for yourself.
Put some oil or Vaseline on your fingertips and try to pick up small objects like coins or beads or marbles. OR Put a piece of transparent tape on your fingers and try to lift small objects.

What happens? Do you know the answer?

Try to put transparent tapes or Vaseline on your toes and walk. (Be careful)
What happens?

You must have noticed that it is a little difficult to pick up small objects when you're fingers are too smooth just as it is a little difficult to walk properly when your toes are covered with tape.

The fine ridges on our fingers and toes help us to grip and pick things. Without them we may not have been able to walk properly!