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Why are fish so smart?
What is a soldier’s favorite fish?
What kinds of sharks make good carpenters?
A mother has seven children and five potatoes. How can feed each child equal amount of potatoes? ( Do not use fractions)
Tina is taller than Nina and shorter than Katrina. Who is the tallest amongst the three?
An attorney in California has a brother who is a doctor in Kentucky, but the doctor in Kentucky does not have a brother who is an attorney. How can this be?
My friend said that she has six sons and each has one sister. How many children does my friend have in total?
How can you drop an egg a distance of 3 feet without breaking it?
What is so fragile that it breaks when you talk?
10) You can see me when there is light, but if the light falls on me I die. Who am I?
A basket of popcorn with a silver coin. Where can you find this?
It does not have feet but it goes long distances. It cannot talk but it conveys messages.