What are fractions?
Fraction means a part of a whole.

For example –

        The yellow /colored portion is half of the whole circle.
         It also means that if you divide the circle in two equal parts yellow is one
         of the two parts.
         It is written as .
   In this square, the blue portion is three of the four parts of the square.
   It also means that if you divide the square in 4 equal parts, blue covers 3
   of the 4 parts.
   It is written as


Consider the following figure. It is a group of 10 marbles. The marbles are of different colors  . Can you say what is the fraction of each color of marbles in the group?

Click on any set to find out the fraction number.






Any fraction has 2 parts.
In a fraction the top number is called as the “Numerator” and the bottom number is called the “Denominator”.

Now let's learn some more about fractions.

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