Given below are some problems on fractions. Can you solve them?
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Jack’s grandfather had given him a set of 24 marbles. Jack enjoyed playing with them. One day he went to his friend Cole’s house to play. Cole was playing with his baseball cards. Jack really liked one of the cards. Jack and Cole agreed to trade. Jack gave Cole 1/3 of his marbles in exchange for the baseball card. How many marbles did Jack give?
Mary and her friends decided to wear either red or white or blue dresses for the 4th of July party and celebration.
Out of the 12 girls who attended the party 6 wore blue, 4 wore red and 2 wore white.
What fraction of the girls wore Blue?
What fraction of the girls wore Red and what fraction wore White?
1/2 wore blue,1/3 wore red and 1/6 wore white
6/12 wore blue, 4/12 wore red, 2/12 wore white
3/4 wore blue, 4/3 wore red, 5/6 wore white.
Emily’s three best friends had come to play. Emily was very excited. They played for a long time and were hungry. Emily asked her mother for some snacks. Mother put some snacks on the table and asked them to take equal portions. There was a pizza, 2 oranges and 8 cookies. If they divided each snack equally amongst 4, what fraction of each snack did each girl get?
3/4 slice each of the pizza, 1/3 of an orange and 2/3 of the cookies
1/4 slice each of the pizza, 1/2 an  orange and 2 cookies each.
2/4 slice each of the pizza, 1/4 of an orange and 4 cookies each
Mr. Johnson took his family to the fair. He had 60 dollars. He spent 5 dollars on parking, 10 dollars on toys, 30 dollars on games and rides, and 15 dollars on food. What fraction of his money did Mr. Johnson spend on each item?
1/4th on each of the items.
2/5th on parking, 1/6th on toys, 1/4 on games and rides and 1/8th on food
1/12th on parking,1/6th on toys,1/2 on games and rides and 1/4th on food.
Sara’s mother baked an apple pie. She asked Sara to give ¼ of the pie to each one of the four members of the family. Sara took a knife and cut the pie into 4 portions like the figure shown below. Did each member of the family get ¼ th of the pie.?
Don't know