Try and see if you can solve these puzzles.
Use a pencil and paper if you need to.
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      There were 15 Blue birds on a big Oak tree. There were 28 Red robins. 6 Black crows came flying down and rested on the tree. A little boy came running and put a bird feeder on the lowest branch. Quickly came 8 Sparrows. How many birds were on that big Oak tree?






       Sara went to the grocery store. She bought a bottle of juice for $2.09, a loaf of bread for $ 0.79, a box of cereal for $3.52 and a bottle of her favorite shampoo for $1.72. How much did Sara spend at the grocery store?








    Jack is counting coins in his piggy bank. He wanted to collect 200 coins. He finds that he has collected 135 coins until now. How many more coins does he need to collect?






     Kelly wanted to participate in a marathon. She needed to practice. She practiced for 2 hours every day for 30 days. How many hours did she practice in all?






     Jerry’s apple trees were full of apples. The apples were ready to be picked. Jerry picked 1800 apples from 15 trees. If Jerry has picked equal number of apples from each tree, how many apples did he pick from every tree?

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