Try and see if you can solve these puzzles.
Use a pencil and paper if you need to.
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 Sara has 5 pets. Together these pets have 18 legs. Her pet is either a cat or a bird. How many birds and how many cats does Sara have?



 Clara is cooking. She needs 3 cups of milk. She does not have a measuring cup. However she does have 2 pots. One holds exactly 5 cups. The other holds exactly 2 cups. How can she use these two pots to get exactly 3 cups of milk ?







What weighs more? 2 pounds of apples or 2 pounds of marshmallows?






How many squares are there in this picture?
 And now we come to the last problem.....





Look at the figure given below. For each circle type in a number in the corresponding box in such a way that the addition of numbers of each side of the pentagon will be 10. Use any number from 0 to 9.
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