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The Echo
Jack and his family were spending a vacation in his Grandfather's mountain cabin.
They were having a wonderful time taking nature walks, hiking and wading in the clear,
shallow streams. Helen, Jack's sister was fascinated with the number of birds she could see.
She would try to imitate their sounds.
One day Jack, Helen and their father went for a hike, early in the morning. After climbing for
some time, they got tired and sat on a rock to rest. The view in front of them was beautiful.
Tall trees, colorful flowers and the smell of the woods was making them feel happy.
Tall mountain cliffs surrounded the place.
Suddenly Father said "Jack, do you know, if you could talk to the mountain, he will talk
back to you? Jack  looked at his father with wide eyes and said "No Way!". Father smiled.
"Try it". he said. Jack looked at the mountain and said " Hi there! How are you?"
The mountain said "Hi there! How are you?".
Jack said "I am fine. I am taking a walk."
The mountain said " I am fine. I am taking a walk."
Jack frowned." Are you teasing me?".
The mountain said "Are you teasing me?"
"Stop it!" Jack shouted. The mountain shouted "Stop it!"
"You are mean" Jack cried. The mountain said "You are mean!"
Jack was angry and hurt. He looked at his father. Father smiled and told him
to be nice to the mountain. Jack thought for a minute and said loudly.
"I am sorry! Let's be friends" The mountain said "I am sorry. Let's be friends.
Father was now laughing and he explained, that the mountain was not actually talking back.
What Jack was hearing was the "Echo" of his own voice. When our sound hits a wall or building
it gets bounced back, producing an echo. But, said Father there is an important lesson
to be learned here. You will always see your words and actions getting echoed back
at you. If you are good to others they will be good to you and if...
"Yes Father" said Helen. "We understand. From now on if we are nice to
everyone, they will be nice to us. Right?." "Yes" Father said "Right!"
Then they all happily went on with their hike in the mountains.

Answer the following questions:
What did Jack's family like to do during the vacation?
What did Helen, Jack's sister like to do?
What did Jack's father tell him when they were sitting on a rock?
What is an Echo?
What lesson did Jack and Helen learn?
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