The flowers begin to change colors after some time.(3-4 hours)
You will see the color of the water they are in at the tips of the petals. In this case blue. If you keep them longer (2-3 days) the whole petal changes color. Thus proving that the stems of the flowers carry water to the flower petals

The flower with its stem dipped in two different colored waters, will show two different colors in the petals. Half the petals will have the red color in which their half of the stem is dipped. And the other half will have green color in which their half of the stem is dipped.



Have fun with flowers that change colors. You can try other food colors too. And create a whole bouquet of colorful flowers.

Do you want to see the straws that draw water to the top of the plant?
1) Take the fourth cup of water and mix red food color in it.

2)Then take a stalk of celery with leaves at its tip. Trim the end of the piece and place it in the cup.

You will see the water traveling up the stalk to the leaves which turn red.

Cut a cross section of the celery and you can see straw like tubes in the stalk that carry the water to the leaves, as they will all appear red.